Femina 2012-2015 Sponsored

In the span of 54yrs, first time femina came up with an award show which is in the honour of women from different fields, who inspire us with their talent, dedication & their ability to reinvent themselves.

In the first edition of Women Achiever's Awards 2012 Femina approached JBP to design & sponsor trophy for the L'Oreal Paris Femina Women Achievers Awards with the theme of tangram.

The trophy is embellished with Jet black Swarovski crystals & the tangram on top is given the shape of a women which shows one foot on the base which symbolizes modesty & another in motion which shows they are walking ahead to achieve their goals.

Consecutively for 4 yrs i.e. 2015 Femina again approached JBP for designing & sponsoring the trophies for the winners from Different Fields.