The True beauty of life lies is in the way it unfolds each
moment & helps discover the hidden qualities within us...

My journey into jewellery designing was rather fortuitous and started with a ring I designed for my mother, which I inscribed with the words 'Jewels by Preeti' to add a special touch. She loved the ring & recognised the creative instinct in me and further motivated me to pursue my passion. Being a qualified MBBS Doctor with a fellowship in dermatology, the decision to choose between the security of a qualified profession and realising my dream was tough.

Initially I started with designing jewellery for my close friends and family. It gave me immense satisfaction to see them wearing my creation. Later I got an opportunity to design the entire bridal jewellery for a friend's wedding, and seeing her looking resplendent in them I decided it was time to convert my dreams into reality and shape my passion into a fulfilling career. This is when Jewels By Preeti was born.