17 Aug 2015
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13 Aug 2013
Most of us at some point of our life have felt that life is not always fair. We usually think about it when things go wrong, like when we are late for work & our boss scolds us not acknowledging the unavoidable reasons behind it or when we come to know that our colleague got promoted when we deserved it and to top it all the vacation that we have been looking forward to for months has to be cancelled. At such times we feel that life could not have been any worse. But since last few days so many instances occurred that actually made me think & believe that there are worse things that can happen. I met this woman the other day at a hospital &I started talking to her. During the course of our conversation I got to know she had no one to call her own in this world. Her parents had passed away when she was very young .She had no sibling & was therefore looked after by her grandmother. Soon she too passed away. She was left homeless now without any job to help her tread through life. Every week she stayed at different relatives place .They were not concerned about her at all, some of them even made her sleep outside the house and sometimes gave her leftovers and other times no food at all. These things made me realize how lucky we are .We have loving parents but sometimes we fail to realize their true value and start taking them for granted. We forget to appreciate their small & big gestures of love & affection thinking that they will always be there & remain the way they are. In the race of life we 4get to acknowledge the fact that we are fortunate to have our own house to live whereas some are suffering because they can’t even fulfill their basic need like shelter. We don’t even think twice before splurging. We go and get whatever we like without checking price tags. Dine in porche restaurants and easily shell out Rs.3000-4000 on just one dinner not realizing that there are so many who work so hard and manage only as much as that amount to suffice their basic needs and also support their family. Not just this recently one of my close friend came to know that her dad has got lung cancer which has spread to his brain, doctors say that this is the last stage and there is not much they can do. These are the times we need god the most but when such things happen our belief in god begins to waver .How do we keep faith when such circumstances occur. Being a doctor herself my friend knows that actually the chances of surviving in such cases are very less and all she says to god now is that “If he has to go so be it but at least don’t make him suffer so much. Imagine someone tells you one fine day that the person you love the most might die… it jus makes us question god that “why me!!…how can this be happening to me”…tons of question come to our mind, But we never get answers. How can u accept it…Every day getting up to the feeling that today may be the day? How can you live with that? We feel so helpless but there is nothing we can do except accepting the fact that LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS FAIR.
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13 Aug 2013
True love
I really wonder does true love really exist in today’s world. I mean can someone sacrifice their whole life for the person they love. Now a days we see relationships falling apart just for reasons like difference in opinion, not having time for eachother, sometimes even for money or because they have found someone better. These instances make believing in true love very difficult. Where is the time when Juliet died because she couldn’t live without Romeo. They didn’t have issues like inability to spend adequate time, difference in onion etc. they just knew one thing that they loved eachother & that was enough for them to give up everything for one another. In today’s world people fall in love in a jiffy & before the relation can even breath they have already broken up. During the little span of being with eachother they would say I love you to eachother thousands of times still ultimately end in a bitter way, Most of the time hating eachother .So where was the true love they kept claiming & expressing. Above all does it even exist? Today when u see some couples and ask them if they love eachother, instantly the reply would “yes!! We can do anything for eachother” but when you ask them will you give-up your life for eachother the answer would be “Nonsense!! We are just having a great time together; everything is perfect as of now let’s see where the relationship goes. I mean c’mon people are actually testing love, they r saying it more than feeling it. I still remember reading somewhere “DON’T FALL IN LOVE, RISE IN LOVE”. According to me it’s so true because it’s really difficult to sustain your relationship. Its easy to fall in love but what is difficult is to maintain it. It’s only when you go through a series of emotions, arguments, misunderstandings & efforts & still manage to be together, not just for the sake of being together but because you want to be together is when u really rise in love. This is the most difficult thing to do & it’s no wonder that eventually people fall out of it…. In fact recently I just saw this movie IF ONLY. It’s a movie about this couple in love. The guy one night dreams that by the end of the day the girl whom he loves so much dies in an accident. Next morning when he wakes up everything takes place in reality in the same sequence as it was in his dreams the previous night. By noon he realizes that he is unable o stop the events from happening so he decided to do everything that his love wanted to do and be all that she ever wanted him to be. Basically give her the best time of her life. Towards the end of the day as per his dream she had died in a cab accident so just to save her life he sits in the cab where she was supposed to sit & guess what he dies. It brought tears to my eyes. It’s amazing how he sacrificed himself to save his love.
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